Timothy Jonson - Louisiana - EUA

Testimonials TCane Corso: Timothy Jonson - Louisiana - EUA

I want to thank Jose Talarico and his kennel for the EASY selection/ buying process from the first phone call to the last text message he sent me. He was nice and sent constant updates and pictures/ videos on my puppy which is big because I was not in the same country as him, I was a little nervous about buying a dog from Brazil but but everything went smoothly! I recommend anyone that wants a great quality puppy with a great quality breeder give Mr. Jose Talarico a call.

The Joyce Family

Testimonials TCane Corso: The Joyce Family

After searching through breeders all over Canada and the U.S I was left unsatisfied with breeding rights and contracts forcing the new owner to spay or neuter the puppies. Countless hours of researching these breedings pedigree’s that were not very Complementary of each other and more just seemed like people breeding dogs just for the sake of breeding and not to better the Quality of the dog itself , finally I stumbled across Jose Talarico on Instagram than immediately found his TCane website . After looking into his dogs and researching there pedigree’s I decided to contact him , within the first few minutes of our conversation I knew this is where our new puppy would be coming from. This man is extremely knowledgeable and I believe every breeding he does is to produce better quality dogs than the next .  Thank you very much for the pleasant experience of purchasing a puppy from the TCane team! Hecktor is doing great and we love him very much !

Cleber Jesus

Testimonials TCane Corso: Cleber Jesus

My story with cane corso is like a satellite orbiting the TCane kennel. In 2017 I was diagnosed with severe depression, after a period of using medication the doctor prescribed me an alternative therapy, to take care of a large dog. I, who had never had a dog in my life, met the breed in 2019. The first research on the breed on YouTube led me to a documentary that defined everything.
The story of Mr. José Talarico’s family with his dog Chicão changed my life.
In September 2021 I left the north of Bahia towards the mountain region in Rio de Janeiro, to Petrópolis, to fulfill my dream of meeting the TCane family.
I was warmly received and had the opportunity to see the phenomenal structure of the kennel. I saw the most impressive dogs of my life, of indescribable beauty, and witnessed the reciprocal affection of these dogs towards Mr. Talarico.

The most perfect day still had a surprise bonus that will perpetuate
this moment, the possibility of having a Tcane puppy.
That’s right, the wonderful visit ended with a gift from the Talarico family to my family. It’s obvious that our puppy is called Chicão, I was sure at the time, it couldn’t be different.

Thanks to the TCane family for changing my life, you are more than a kennel, you are the guardians of the hope of better days for many families.

Emiliano Olvera Noguez - Mexico

Testimonials TCane Corso: Emiliano Olvera Noguez - Mexico

First of all I would like to say that we are very happy and in love with our new baby, Rea.  Since I saw the Tcane Corso kennel on Instagram, I immediately recognized the quality of the dogs they have inside.  I want to thank Jose Luiz for his communication with me and attention.  I have to emphasize that the procedure for choosing the puppy was always clear and transparent.  Thank you again.

Jessica Pacheco and Family - Canada

Testimonials TCane Corso: Jessica Pacheco and Family - Canada

Thank you so much to José Talarico & the whole TCane team! We are very grateful to have a Cane Corso from TCane here in Canada. From the very first message Mr. Talarico kept us informed of the puppies birth, updated photos, vaccination dates, & flight information. It was a smooth effortless process from start to finish. We couldn’t be happier with our new addition to our pack, our beautiful girl Diosa! Thank you!

Brandon Hartman - Canada

Testimonials TCane Corso: Brandon Hartman - Canada

When my wife and I discovered Tcane we knew this was the breeder we had been looking for the entire time. Jose has an incredible facility and absolutely stunning dogs. We first contacted Jose in December and he walked us through the process of purchasing one of his puppies. It didn’t take long for us to realize how educated and dedicated he was to his business. This was the very first time we purchased anything from another country and Jose made the process simple and straight forward. It was comforting knowing we were dealing with such a reputable breeder that put our mind at ease sending money to another country. We received vaccine records and photo updates of our baby growing as we waited for him to turn 12 weeks. The flight to Canada was taken care of by Jose through Zoommpet as well as all the import paperwork etc. We received Louis shortly after he was 12 weeks old via Air Canada and it couldn’t have gone smoother. Our baby boy is even better than we could have imagined! He is affectionate, smart and trusting. He instantly bonded with our French Bulldog and children. Our puppy went straight to the vet after his flight and he came back with a clean bill of health. We highly recommend Tcane if you are looking for a truly unique and outstanding Cane Corso. Thank you Jose and family!

Jamie Waite - London

Testimonials TCane Corso: Jamie Waite - London

This is a letter just to appreciate and thank you for everything you have done for me and my family and providing us the perfect Cane Corso. My agent and I searched for over 6 months an asked many people within the Cane Corso world where to purchase a dog with great temperaments and look but also brought up well for a family as we have 3 children. You are highly recommended and so many people suggested me to go to Tcane in Brazil. I was apprehensive as a dog coming from Brazil all the way to the London, UK could be complicated but you sorted everything out for me. Even though there were some complications and the pandemic you managed to get him to me earlier than expected.

The dog you provided us (Malcolm) is perfect. Everything about his personality, the way he loves my children and also his striking looks. I just want to say thank you so much for letting me have such a beautiful dog, thank you for sorting everything out for me, keeping me up to date, reassuring me when I was worried, you have been a fantastic breeder and also I now look at you as friend and will visit your kennels when this madness of a Covid - 19 passes!

Thank you so much and anyone reading this, if you want to buy a Cane Corso dog, do not leave this breeder, trust me we have searched months and months and this is one of the best breeders in the world!

Kind Regards

Jacob MacDonald, Boston, USA

Testimonials TCane Corso: Jacob MacDonald, Boston, USA

From our initial conversation Mr. Talarico was kind, knowledgeable and readily available to help guide us through the process of purchasing and importing our baby TCane.  His passion for the breed made it immediately clear that TCane was the type of breeder we wished to form a relationship with and use for all of our future puppies.  His level of professionalism and dedication to helping us find the perfect fit for our home ensured that we got exactly what we were looking for in our pup.  He sent us plenty of updates and photographs while we waited for our pup to be ready for shipping.  Upon receiving our cane corso, we could not have been happier with our decision.  Our beautiful Maia was instantly affectionate and took to our family better than we ever expected.  Maia’s temperament is a direct reflection of the love and care that
Mr. Talarico and family put into raising and socializing these puppies.  She has blended in extremely well with not only our 4 young children, but our other animals as well.  We cannot wait to purchase another pup from TCane.

John Anthony DeCesare. Alberta, Canada.

Testimonials TCane Corso: John Anthony DeCesare. Alberta, Canada.

It was a great honor to choose a puppy from TCane. There are so many amazing bloodlines incorporated into their breeding program it is difficult to choose a favorite. That care and attention to detail certainly shows - my puppy is incredibly smart, affectionate and beautiful. I couldn’t be any happier with him. I had the pleasure of dealing with Mr. Talarico who made the process of purchasing and importing my little Sam surprisingly easy. If you are looking for an exceptional cane corso puppy, I highly recommend TCane.

Anita & Mj - Agostini Cane Corso - Chicago/USA

Testimonials TCane Corso: Anita & Mj - Agostini Cane Corso - Chicago/USA

I was looking for my next Corso and noticed the beautiful Cane Corso’s on TCane Instagram page.

I messaged Jose and he was quick to respond, the process and purchase was smooth and professional.  He kept us updated with pictures/ videos and how the puppy is doing.

Diana arrived in the USA safely without any complications. She is perfect in every way. We are very pleased and happy with the overall experience.
Many thanks goes out to Jose and his Tcane family . 🙏😊
We highly recommend Tcane from Brazil.