Contributor Vet: Dr. Fábio Henrique do Nascimento

Equipe TCane

Veterinarian since 1998, CRMV/RJ 5377. Owner of the Clínica Animal Center, located in the city of Correas. His practice covers clinical, surgical, reproductive and orthopedic specialties.

Fernando Cesar Siess

Equipe TCane

He is in charge of the breeding stock at TCane, and has over 15 years of experience with the cane corso breed. His dedication to the breeding stock is one of his greatest qualities.

Trainer: Luiz Fernando Miguez

Equipe TCane

Professional trainer since 2004, he carries out exclusive, on-site work for the breeding stock at TCane. He prepares and develops techniques for training, personal and property protection, in addition to training for shows. He also works with conditioning.