Contributor Vet: Dr. André Saramago

Equipe TCane

Veterinarian CRMV RJ 4332.
Works at the Clinic Saúde Animal - Estrada do Tindiba, 1435 - Taquara - Jacarepaguá
Tel. 21 3392 0204 / 21 2425 8519

Contributor Vet: Dr. Fábio Henrique do Nascimento

Equipe TCane

Veterinarian since 1998, CRMV/RJ 5377. Owner of the Clínica Animal Center, located in the city of Correas. His practice covers clinical, surgical, reproductive and orthopedic specialties.

Trainer: Luiz Fernando Miguez

Equipe TCane

Professional trainer since 2004, he carries out exclusive, on-site work for the breeding stock at TCane. He prepares and develops techniques for training, personal and property protection, in addition to training for shows. He also works with conditioning.