Marcelo Montessioca

Testimonials TCane Corso: Marcelo Montessioca

How good it would be to negotiate with honest and true people !!!

Thank you with all my heart for meeting people like José Talarico, his wife Marilza, Cesinha and all the TCaneCorso Team !!!
Lovers and protectors of the breed Cane Corso !!! Animals that do not need to be presented to those who know the breed and unknown to the adventurers ...
Create! But respect the standards !!!
Create, but understand the great responsibility it entails in having these animals.

It’s just what we expect!
Congratulations to TCane and thanks again for the warm and friendly reception!
You live in my heart !!!!!

Fulvio Alves Dias de Mattos - Salvador, BA

Testimonials TCane Corso: Fulvio Alves Dias de Mattos - Salvador, BA

Long live the Kennel TCane Corso: long time ago when I met the Cane Corso Italiano, I soon knew that one day I would breed it. It was when I started searching for all information about the breed and searching in the internet for all the Brazilian kennels, with a dream of one day to set up my own kennel. As soon as I found the Tcane Kennel, I decided, this is the kennel where I’m going to buy my cane corsos and this was still just a dream ... The years went by and I always went to the TCane website, as a fan of this beautiful breeder. It was when in 2017 I went to live on the farm, having the opportunity to breed such a splendid dog. And of course I started to look for the excellence of the TCane Kennel, which without a doubt is the best and with the most beautiful cane corsos in Brazil and one of the best breeders in the world. I had all the telephone conversations and I fully trusted everything that Mr. Talarico told me, and as I expected,  my family and I were surprised by the photos of our TCane but Kant TCane is infinitely more beautiful live, hehehe ....
We are all in love with our first TCane and already imagining the next ones .... I leave here the most sincere thanks for the opportunity and the honor of having met the TCane Kennel, and to Mr. Talarico, for such politeness and professionalism ahead of the TCane. Thank you very much, Fulvio, Paloma and Igor

Lucas e João Valente

Testimonials TCane Corso: Lucas e João Valente

It is an immense privilege to have a TCane puppy as a new member of our family! Aside from all the irrefutable qualities of the kennel, we have long been Talarico’s friends, making our Cane even more special ! Once again, congratulations to the TCane family for their work and thank you for the beautiful puppy!

Fatima & Leonardo Ricci

Testimonials TCane Corso: Fatima & Leonardo Ricci

More than testimony, I would like to thank Jose Talarico and his splendid Tcane Kennel! I and my wife Fatima have the pleasure of living with this breed for more than 15 years along which we could visit several Cane Corso breeders around the world. We can say without a doubt that nothing compares to the professionalism and affection with which Tcane dogs are treated, thus raising the breed standards to another level! Thanks for the new member of our family! Certainly the name “Josè Talarico” is already written in the history of CANE CORSO!!

Edna e Andrea Montanari

Testimonials TCane Corso: Edna e Andrea Montanari

José, first of all we want to thank you for being this honest person, always available to give us all the information and always clarify our new doubts. Thank you for making dreams come true! We found the kennel through long search for a serious breeder who really cared about the Cane Corso breed. We did all the negotiation over the phone and we trusted that you would choose the perfect Cane Corso for our family, and so it was, you fulfilled with your word. When we went to get our long-awaited Airon at the airport, words were missing. He is beautiful, strong, healthy with the structure of a true Cane Corso. We can only thank you for all your patience to send us pictures every month so that we could follow the growth of our puppy. Now we make part with great pride of the Tcane family.

Amilton Carlos Pinheiro Cardoso Filho

Testimonials TCane Corso: Amilton Carlos Pinheiro Cardoso Filho

When we decided to have a Cane Corso, we could not imagine that we would know a breeder as committed to achieving a level of excellence and lineage of the breed as Jose Talarico. Since our first contact, Talarico has always been super attentive and very patient. We had many doubts about the breed, and he helped us get all the answers. The day we got our puppy, he kept surprising us. As he himself says: “the first encounter with a Cane Corso we never forget”. Nor will we forget the affection with which Talarico, his wife and all of the TCane team welcomed us to their property, where we verified that TCane’s differential is not only in knowledge, respect and care, but also in the enormous and contagious passion that the Talarico has for his dogs. I and my family are fully satisfied and happy with our TCane. Thank you my friend. Cheers!

Caldeira family

Testimonials TCane Corso: Caldeira family

Love at first sight
We were looking for a guard dog for our farm, after months of research and studies, we came across the breed Cane Corso Italiano, and precisely the TCane Kennel’s website.

We arranged a visit, we were marvelously welcome by Jose Talarico and his wife. And after the contact with their dogs, it was inevitable not to be enchanted by this lovely breed.

We made our reservations, and we went to pick them up yesterday.

We have a large family with 5 children and despite of having passed just a few days, our 3 month old Achilles and our 2 year old Kyra have already won the love of my children. They are extremely gentle and playful dogs, they already even demonstrate natural instincts for guard and obedience.

We are sure to find the right dog for what we needed.

The structure of the kennel impressed us and its service captivated us. José Talarico’s professionalism and dedication to the excellence of the lineage of his dogs is perceived, which brings us tranquility, since genetic factors need to be taken into account in the acquisition of a large dog, especially in relation to the control of diseases and predisposition to aggression.

The Caldeira family thanks the attention of all of the Tcane Kennel and thank you for providing us to live together with with this passionate breed that is the Cane Corso.

Vitor Bragotto

Testimonials TCane Corso: Vitor Bragotto

It couldn’t have been any different!
The love to the breed Cane Corso, led me to the breeder Jose Talarico, owner of the TCane kennel, who for his dedication to the animals became an example and honored us with a really special puppy.
Thank to the family TCane for HUDSON
It is a joy to be part of this story now.

Marcelo Montesdioca

Testimonials TCane Corso: Marcelo Montesdioca

Cane Corso is a distinguished dog, affectionate, kind and with a very balanced character. Easily accessible to other animals and highly adaptable to several environments. Recommendable to interact with children and other puppies, besides being an excellent watchdog. The arrival of Guria and my visit to the TCane Kennel definitely changed my life! I thank Joseph Talarico for the warm welcome, patience and seriousness in the conduct of negotiation and guidance on the breed. (free translation)

Priscilla Guimarães

Testimonials TCane Corso: Priscilla Guimarães

We are very happy to have purchased a cane corso puppy from TCane kennel, wonderful breed, great temperament, affectionate and a future guardian, a dog with all the requirements we sought. The TCane kennel dogs are all of great lineage and genetics. I thank Jose Talarico, his wife and the TCane team for the attention and receptivity. Alfredo is giving great joy! Cheers!